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Cost and Quality

There are significant differences in medical imaging costs depending on where your exam is performed.  As an independent outpatient imaging center, AMI has been performing high qualtiy, low cost procedures that are generally far less expensive than hospitals and their centers for over ten years.  Advanced Medical Imaging is accredited by the American College of Radiology and maintains an "A" Anthem rating. 

Our bills include the radiologist professional fees unlike hospitals and other centers, which add an undisclosed 20-30% for a separately billed radiologist.  We also offer a significant discount for self-pay patients.  If you are price shopping for services, please ask the facility if their fees include the radiologist reading.

Imaging News

Click the button below for health topics in the news such as new research on lung cancer screenings and changes to the law regarding breast cancer. 


 We comb through the latest research to find information relevant to your health and share them in our quarterly newsletters that are distributed to our community physicians.


Advanced Medical Imaging is an ACR accredited facility.  We take pride in meeting the rigorous requirements of the American College of Radiology.

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